Voices of Tane

Piano, Teaching works

7 short pieces for piano

About the work

Voices of Tane was written for my godson, Kit Boyes. It was the first piece I wrote on my return to New Zealand after 9 years in Europe and was written with intermediate performers in mind.

Tane is the Māori god of forests, and the trees, plants, birds and other creatures who live there.

There is little to say about the pieces themselves except that the last repeats the first, the third has to do with birdsong, the fifth with wind, and the sixth consists of 9 ideas that the pianist plays in whatever sequence she or he wishes.

Ken Young recorded a short talk about this work for RNZ Concert.

Voices of Tane — introduction

Scores and recordings

Voices of Tane was published by Price Milburn Music in 1977.

Voices of Tane — publication

RNZ Concert recorded Voices of Tane in 1986.

Voices of Tane — audio