Tūmanako — journey through an unknown landscape


Five pieces for piano

Tūmanako was written as part of SOUNZtender, a silent auction which raised money for SOUNZ. Diedre Irons gave the first performance at The New Zealand International Piano Festival on 8 April 2011.

About the work

Helen Kominik won the auction for my piece which she dedicated to her grandchildren, Kate and Tom Fraser. Tūmanako, which means ‘hope’ in Māori and was the name of the house in which Helen grew up. I wrote the piece shortly after I’d been travelling by car through Yunnan, China and made a link between the journey through a landscape where you know nothing beyond the immediate surroundings, and moving through the landscape of the score.

Score and recordings

Buy or borrow the score from SOUNZ

Tūmanako — SOUNZ

A CD including Tūmanako is available from all good record stores, or borrow it from SOUNZ. It’s also available as an MP3.

Shadows crossing water — CD

Tūmanako has been recorded twice as part of SOUNZ’s Resound project.

Tūmanako — video 2018

Tūmanako — video 2010

RNZ Concert’s recording from 2018 is available online.

Tūmanako — audio