Chamber ensemble (2-7 players)

For violin and piano

Tōrua was commissioned by Hilary Hahn for her 2010 encores project. She approached 27 composers asking for a piece under 5 minutes for acoustic violin and piano. She premiered my work with Valentina Lisitsa (piano) at the Constella Festival in Cincinnati, USA on 13 October 2011.

About the work

Tōrua, translated from the Māori language has several meanings — it signifies a change in wind or current, it is the name given to a weaving pattern, and in its third meaning of ‘twofold’ or ‘double thickness’ suggests the idea of duet.

Tōrua was written in the wake of the destructive Christchurch earthquake in February, 2011.

Hilary Hahn interviewed each of the composers about the work they wrote for her.

Hilary Hahn and Gillian Whitehead — interview


The score and part are published by Boosey and Hawkes along with the other 26 encores commissioned by Hilary Hahn.

In 27 pieces: the Hilary Hahn encores — publication

Buy or borrow the score of Tōrua from SOUNZ.

Tōrua — SOUNZ


Hilary Hahn recorded all the works in this project for Deutsche Gramophon.

In 27 pieces: the Hilary Hahn encores — CD

The work has also been released on 2 other CDs played by other violinists.

11 Frames — CD

Shadows crossing water — CD

A video of Tōrua recorded in 2022 at the World Music Days is also available.

Tōrua — video