Three Sephardic Songs

Voice and instrumental ensemble

3 Yiddish songs for mezzo and baroque ensemble

Texts: anonymous

The first performance of Three Sephardic Songs was given by Ana Good (mezzo) with Rare Byrds at a central Dunedin music venue called Dog with Two Tails in 2016.

About the work

The songs are:

  • Schluf mein Tochter — a lullaby
  • Leg ich mir mein Kapele  — what happens when I lay my head beside that of first my mother, then my mother-in-law, and finally my husband, and
  • Zum, zum — a nonsense song.


The work is scored for: 2 recorder players — playing descant, alto, tenor and bass — guitar, spinet, violin, bass viol.

The instrumentation is not set — you can substitute appropriate instruments.


Contact me to see the score.