Thin ice

Choral music, Vocal duets and ensembles

For soprano, mezzo-soprano and percussion

Text by Claire Beynon and other poets

Thin Ice was written to celebrate vocal ensemble Halcyon’s 15th Anniversary in 2013. They gave the first performance on 23 October 2013 at the NIDA Parade Theatres in Sydney, Australia.

About the work

Thin Ice is a setting of 2 poems.

The first, ‘Thin Ice’, by Claire Beynon is only 4 lines long, but has a world of meaning and defines creativity exquisitely.

The second, ‘It is all one water’, sees the ocean in various ways, but above all as exhilarating, calm, and linking those separated by distance. It is a collaborative poem, edited by Claire Beynon and created by poets from several countries — Marylinn Kelly (USA), Kay McKenzie-Cook (NZ), Pamela Morrison (NZ) , Elizabeth Hanscome (Australia) , Therese Clear (USA), Scott Odom (USA) and also Claire Beynon.


The percussion parts are scored for vibraphone and resaresa (1 player). This work could be performed by a women’s choir.


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Thin Ice — SOUNZ