Symphony: the islands by Jack Speirs

Orchestra, Collaborations

For full orchestra and baritone

Poem by Charles Brasch

This symphony by Jack Speirs was incomplete when he died in 2000. I edited the first 2 movements. It is yet to receive a public performance but the 2 movements were recorded in 2010 by the NZSO conducted by Luke Dollman with David Griffiths (baritone).


Symphony: the islands is scored for: 3*333; 4331; timpani, percussion, harp and strings.

Percussion: 3 drums, suspended cymbal and side drum

Score and recording

Buy or borrow the score, or borrow a CD of the NZSO performance from SOUNZ.

Symphony: the islands — SOUNZ

RNZ Concert has recorded the first 2 movements.

Symphony: the islands — audio