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RNZ Concert — recorded in 1996

About the recording

This performance of Haiku is given by Jane Manning (soprano), Gillian Ansell (viola) and Margaret Nielsen (piano) in 1996 at a concert in the Adam Concert Room at Victoria University.

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Haiku — RNZ

Cover of SOUNZfine Vol 1

SOUNZfine Volume 1

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Promotional CD for international broadcasters showcasing a range of New Zealand music

SOUNZ — released in 1996

About the recording

This was the first in a series of SOUNZfine CDs which feature significant works by established New Zealand composers performed by outstanding ensembles and performers. The CDs are accompanied by notes about each composer and the work.

Included is my piano work Lullaby for Matthew performed by David Guerin and recorded by RNZ Concert.


Lullaby for Matthew

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The CD is no longer available for distribution, but can be borrowed from SOUNZ.

SOUNZfine Volume 1 — SOUNZ