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Gillian Whitehead: selected works Gillian Whitehead: selected works

Gillian Whitehead: selected works

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Three Songs of Janet Frame is performed by Jane Manning (soprano), with an ensemble conducted by William Southgate and was recorded on 10 April 1978.

Tirea is performed by Sandra Mackay (oboe), Joyce Nixon (violin), Penelope Cliff (cello) and Dan Saunders (harpsichord) with the Contemporary Baroque Ensemble conducted by Alexander Cowdell and was recorded at New Zealand House, London on 27 September 1979.

Performers for Hotspur are unknown.



Three Songs of Janet Frame


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Flame Tree

Music on vinyl

Piano, chamber and vocal works by New Zealand composers

Kiwi Pacific SLD-50 — released in 1979


A range of leading New Zealand performers including Bruce Greenfield (piano) who recorded my work on this LP.


La cadenza sia corta

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