Chamber ensemble (2-7 players)

For string quartet

Poroporoaki was written for the New Zealand String Quartet to play at the Zhejiang Conservatory in Hangzhou during at festival celebrating the work of Jack Body, and focusing on transcription and collaboration.

About the work

Poroporoaki, which translates from Māori as ‘calls of farewell’ transcribes the sounds of taonga pūoro  as played by Richard Nunns. The instruments transcribed are the putatara (shell trumpet), karanga manu (bird caller), nguru (flute), tumutumu (percussive), poi awhiowhio (whirled gourd — bird caller) and putorino.

Poroporoaki is is dedicated to Richard Nunns.

Scores and recordings

Buy or borrow the score from SOUNZ.

Poroporoaki — SOUNZ

The New Zealand String Quartet has recorded Poroporoaki for Atoll.

Notes from a Journey II — CD

There are 3 RNZ Concert recordings online performed by the New Zealand String Quartet.

Poroporoaki — video 2019

Poroporoaki — video 2018

Poroporoaki — video 2016