Music with Taonga Pūoro

Ipu (1998) - 46 mins

Narrator, notated cello, improvising piano, taonga pūoro

Text: Tungia Baker

Ipu exists in recorded form only, (on Ipu, Rattle D007), and tells in te reo Maōri Tungia Baker's story, reminiscent of the old teaching stories, of Waka (a canoe), and Kowhai (an elegant yellow-flowered tree that grows on the Tararuas). Their mutual friend, Tui acts as a go -between, telling the Waka of Kowhai and Kowhai of Waka. Then one day, there is a great storm, which changes everything.

Tungia Baker (narration) Richard Nunns (taonga pūoro) Judy Bailey (piano) Georg Pedersen (cello)

Outrageous Fortune (1998) - 2 hours

Opera. Soloists, 14-piece ensemble (including taonga pūoro), kuia, sop. 2 mezzo, 2 high bar. 8 smaller roles doubling as chorus

Libretto: Christine Johnston

Commissioned by

First perf. Trust Bank Theatre, Dunedin, 1998, cond. Michael Joel

Archival CD Outrageous Fortune produced, 1999

Winner of SOUNZ Contemporary Award, 1999

Hine Raukatauri (1999) - 10 mins

Duet for flutes (picc/concert/alto) and taonga pūoro

Written for Alexa Still and Richard Nunns

First perf: Atlanta Flute Convention, 1999

Recorded by Alexa Still and Richard Nunns on SOUND BARRIER, Music of New Zealand published by New Zealand Geographic, 2006 and on Puhake ki te rangi, atoll, ACD 107 (2007)

Hine-pu-te-hue (2001) - 22 mins

String quartet and taonga pūoro

Commissioned by Wellington International Festival for NZSQ and Richard Nunns.

First perf. New Zealand String Quartet and Richard Nunns, Illott Concert Chamber, 2002 and recorded by them on Puhake ki te rangi, atoll ACD 107

Naumai e te ao marama (2001) - 6 minutes

Voice, koauau (optional)

Words: Tungia Baker

First performance: Ramonda Te Maiharoa Taleni, Elephant Rocks, Oamaru, January, 2002

Taiohi Taiao (2004) - 10 minutes

SATB, 2 soloists, taonga pūoro

Text: Aroha Yates-Smith

Commissioned by Tower Voices New Zealand with funding from CNZ

First perf: Otago Festival, October 2004, Tower Voices New Zealand cond. Karen Grylls

Recorded by Tower Voices New Zealand conducted by Karen Grylls on New Zealand Voices: Spirit of the land, Morrison Music Trust MMT2065, 2006

Hine te Kakara (2004) - 16 mins

Text: Aroha Yates-Smith

  1. Kaikaranga, taonga pūoro, bassoon, or
  2. Kaikaranga, taonga pūoro, flutes (picc/concert/alto) or
  3. Kaikaranga, taonga pūoro, ensemble (flute, cello, bassoon, or 2 flutes and bassoon)

First perf. 1. Aroha Yates-Smith, Richard Nunns, George Zukerman, Tamatekapua, Ohinemutu, March 2004

First perf. 2. Ramonda Taleni, Richard Nunns, Ingrid Culliford, Arts Summit, Jakarta, September, 2004

First perf. 3. Tuhonohono, Bay of Islands Festival, March, 2005

Recorded by Tuhonohono, with Aroha Yates-Smith and Richard Nunns, on Puhake ki te rangi, atoll ACD 107

Recorded on the CD for Noel Sanders' biography of GW Moon, Tides and Shoreline, published by Steele Roberts, ISBN978-1-877577-04-8

Hineteiwaiwa (2006) - : 20 mins

Kaikaranga, taonga pūoro, and ensemble (fl/picc, fl/afl, bsn, harp, string quartet, percussion)

(N.B. Hineteiwaiwa can be performed without voice, but must involve taonga pūoro)

Text :Aroha Yates-Smith

First performance: ERGO Ensemble, cond. Alex Pauk, with Aroha Yates-Smith and Richard Nunns, Glenn Gould Auditorium, Toronto, 10th Nov., 2006

Puhake ki te rangi String quartet and taonga pūoro


Written as part of CNZ/NZSM residency

First perf. St Johns, Nelson, Feb. 6th, 2007 with Richard Nunns and the New Zealand String Quartet and recorded by them, on Puhake ki te rangi, atoll ACD 107 (with DVD also), 2007