Karakia (1964) - 6 minutes (SOUNZ)


Three very short pieces suitable for intermediate performers, written while I was a student at the University of Sydney..

Voices of Tane (1976) - 8 minutes (Price Milburn Music)


Voices of Tane was the first piece I wrote on my first return to New Zealand after nine years in Europe. It was written for my sister, Joyce Whitehead, to play at the Registered Music Teachers’ Conference in Auckland that year. A series of seven short piano pieces, written with intermediate performers in mind, was written for my godson, Kit Boyes.

Tane is the Māori god of forests, and the trees, plants, birds and other creatures who live there. There is little to say about the pieces themselves except that the last repeats the first, the third has to do with birdsong, the fifth with the wind, and the sixth consists of nine ideas that the pianist plays in whatever sequence she or he wishes.

Lullaby for Matthew (1981) - 4 minutes (SOUNZ First XV)


I wrote this lullaby to celebrate the birth of my nephew, Matthew, and it is dedicated to my sister Joyce and Matthew.

David Guerin gave the piece its first public performance in Cologne in 1983, and he recorded it on a SOUNZfine CD, and it was also recorded by Dan Poynton on You hit him, he cry out Rattle RAT DOO6

Four pieces (1988) - 8 minutes (Albert) (SOUNZ)


To celebrate Australia's Bicentennial, the publisher Albert commissioned a number of pieces from Australian composers, which were published in their Bicentennial Album. These short pieces are aimed at performers of an intermediate level.

Pukeko, Sad song on a rainy day, Taniwha (2007) - 4 minutes (Sunrise Music Trust)


These three pieces, written for beginning pianists, were commissioned by the Wellington Piano Group for their first album of music by New Zealnd composers.

Central Landscapes (2009) - 6 minutes (Sunrise Music Trust)


I wrote this set of pieces, for pianists of intermediate ability, while I was living in Alexandra in Central Otago as artist-in-residence for the Henderson Arts Trust. Barbara Henderson, who lived in the Plischke-designed house before it became an artist's residence, and she would visit her studio in the garden most weeks. So I wrote these pieces for her birthday, and they were played at Central Stories in Alexandra at her birthday celebration by my sister Joyce. There are five movements - Hoar frost with fire siren, Taking a line for a walk, Landscape with quail, Outlines through rising mist, and River talk.

The pieces are dedicated to Barbara Henderson, and are published in Take Flight, Music from New Zealand for Intermediate Pianists, editor Gillian Bibby, Publisher Sunrise Music Trust, 2010.

Song without words for Kai (2010) - 3 minutes


Kai is the son of Ryoko Tabuchi and Cameron Mewburn, and this short piece was written to celebrate his birth.