E rewa mai, e rā

Solo voice

For solo voice

Text by the composer

E rewa mai, e rā was premiered by Ana Good (soprano) at dawn on Allen’s Beach on the seaward side of the Otago Peninsula on 1 January 2000.

About the work

E rewa mai, e rā is an invocation to the sun, asking it to rise, to give light, so that all living things will thrive and be healthy, so that the rain will fall. It is 2000 years since the coming of Christ. Rise, sun. It was composed on 30 December 1999.

There are 3 versions of this work: one for low voice, one for high voice, and a traditional waiata.

Score and recording

Buy or borrow the score from SOUNZ.

E rewa mai, e rā — SOUNZ

An archival performance on CD was released in 2004.

Pakiwaitara o te Pouakai; Te heke o te Maiharoa — CD