CD's and DVD's

New Zealand Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marc Taddei with Helen Medlyn (mezzo-soprano) and Caroline Mills (harp).

Atoll ACD 613

Featuring Ben Hoadley (bassoon).

Hinetekakara. Richard Nunns, Aroha Yates-Smith, Tuhonohono.

Camelot. Poems by Glenn Colquhoun. Janet Roddick (voice) Emma Sayers (piano) Ben Hoadley.

Arapātiki. Stephen de Pledge (piano).

Three Windows on the Weather. Poems by Greg O'Brien. Greg O'Brien (spoken voice), Emma Sayers and Ben Hoadley.

Ngā hā o neherā. Ben Hoadley.

Atoll ACD412

Chamber Music.

Moon, Tides and Shoreline. New Zealand String Quartet.

Fantasia on three notes - David Guerin (piano).

Requiem - Scilla Askew (mezzo-soprano) and Douglas Mews (organ).

Taurangi - Bridget Douglas (flute) and Rachel Thomson (piano).

Missa Brevis - Sings Harry Vocal Ensemble.

Waiteata Music Press WTA003.

Narration in te reo Māori with composed/improvised music.

Text: Tungia Baker.

Tungia Baker (narration) Richard Nunns (taonga puoro) Judy Bailey (piano) Georg Pedersen (cello).

Rattle RAT-D007

New Zealand music for harp, featuring Helen Webby (harp) and Pepe Becker (soprano).

Cicadas. Text - Rachel Bush.

Ode CD MANU 5144

Dan Poynton (piano)

Lullaby for Matthew.

Rattle RAT DOO6

Australasian cello music

Alexandr Ivashkin

The Journey of Matuku Moana. Solo cello.

Ode Manu 1583

Chamber music with taonga pūoro.

Puhake ki te rangi. Richard Nunns and New Zealand String Quartet.

Hineraukatauri. Richard Nunns and Alexa Still.

Hinetekakara. Richard Nunns, Aroha Yates-Smith, Tuhonohono.

Hineputehue. Richard Nunns and New Zealand String Quartet.

A DVD of Puhake ki te rangi included.

Atoll ACD 107

One of 27 pieces in Hilary Hahn's 'Encore' project.

Hilary Hahn (violin), Cory Smythe (piano).

Deutsche Grammophon DDD GH2

Choral music by New Zealand composers.

Tower Voices New Zealand conducted by Karen Grylls.

Taiohi Taiao. Text: Aroha Yates-Smith. Taonga pūoro: Richard Nunns 10'

Morrison Music Trust MMT2065

Italian and New Zealand music for flute and piano.

Hineraukatauri Luca Manghi (flute) Horomona Horo (taonga pūoro).

Atoll ACD882

NZ music for flute and piano (Bridget Douglas and Rachel Thomson).

Taurangi - 13'

Morrison Music Trust MMT2063-4

Lorelt LNT116

One of four chamber pieces. Lontano conducted by Odaline de la Martinez.

Ahotu (O matenga) - 18'

the river flows on...

One of four pieces in O Cambodia, a collaborative project designed by Jack Body involving two Cambodian and two New Zealand composers, the NZ trio and the traditional Cambodian ensemble Trey So.

Atoll ACD541.

Chamber Music by New Zealand composers.

Bright Silence. Joseph Lin (violin).

Waiiteata Music Press WTA011

NZTrio - piano trio repertoire.

Piano Trio.

Rattle 0017.

Morrison Music Trust MMT 2034.

Karakia (ex Awa Herea) 2'

Awa Herea

Text: Gillian Whitehead, with sections translated into Maori by Keri Kaa. Tracey Chadwell (soprano), Pamela Lidiard (piano).


The Song Company

The Virgin and the Nightingale

Text: Translations from Latin, Fleur Adcock.

AMC VAST016-2 1996

Georg Pedersen

The Journey of Matuku Moana. Solo cello.

Tall Poppies TP 129.


Text: Fleur Adcock.

Monodrama for soprano and ensemble. Anthea Moller (voice) with ensemble cond. Graham Hair.

CSM 32, 1999

Orchestral music. NZSO conducted by Ken Young


Continuum NZ CCD1073 1

Auckland University Festival Choir cond. Peter Godfrey.

Qui Natus Est.

CD SLD-108.

Australian music for violin and piano

Rotraud Schneider (violin)and Daniel Herscovitch (piano)

Okuru 15'


Australia Ensemble


Tall Poppies TP002 (1991)