Teaching works

Central Landscapes

Piano, Teaching works

5 pieces for piano

About the work

I wrote this set of pieces, for pianists of intermediate ability, during 2009 while I was living in Alexandra in Central Otago as artist-in-residence for the Henderson Arts Trust.

Barbara Henderson, who lived in the Plischke-designed house before it became an artist’s residence, would visit her studio in the garden most weeks. So I wrote these pieces for her birthday, and they were played by my sister Joyce at Central Stories in Alexandra at Barbara’s birthday celebration.

There are 5 movements, which can be played separately or in this order:

  • Hoar frost with fire siren
  • Taking a line for a walk
  • Landscape with quail
  • Outlines through rising mist, and
  • River talk.

Central Landscapes is dedicated to Barbara Henderson.

I subsequently arranged the pieces for the Central Regional Otago Orchestra.

Central Landscapes for chamber orchestra

Scores and recordings

All 5 pieces were published by the Sunrise Music Trust in Take Flight — music from New Zealand for intermediate pianists. Gillian Bibby recorded the pieces for a CD that accompanies the book.

Take flight — publication


Piano, Teaching works

3 pieces for piano

These short pieces are suitable for intermediate performers and were written while I was a student at the University of Sydney.


Contact me if you are interested in seeing the score.


Lullaby for Matthew

Piano, Teaching works

For piano

I wrote this lullaby to celebrate the birth of my nephew, Matthew, and it is dedicated to my sister Joyce, and Matthew. It was premiered by pianist, David Guerin in Germany in 1982.

About the work

This work for solo piano has been described by Fred Blanks of the Sydney Morning Herald as ‘a haunting gem for a modern baby.’

In Music in New Zealand Gillian Bibby wrote, ‘In a simple arch structure of 8-bar phrases, [Lullaby for Matthew] progresses in variations from naive simplicity to what could almost amount to a nightmare in the centre, then back to slumbering innocence once again.’

Lullaby for Matthew is suitable for intermediate pianists, about Grade 5.

Scores and recordings

Lullaby for Matthew was published by SOUNZ in First XV, an album of piano works for intermediate pianists. This is now out of print.

First XV — publication

You can buy or borrow the score from SOUNZ.

Lullaby for Matthew — SOUNZ

The work was recorded by Dan Poynton in 1997 on an award-winning CD.

You hit him he cry out — CD

SOUNZ released a promotional recording in 1996, and Burnside High School included it in a CD of works suitable for Royal Schools piano exams.

SOUNZfine Volume 1 — CD

New Zealand colours: alternative piano works for Royal Schools music exams — CD

This work has also been the subject of some education resources.

Lullaby for Matthew: course for NCEA Level 1 — recording

Song without words for Kai

Piano, Teaching works

For piano

About the work

This short piece was written to celebrate the birth of Kai, the son of Ryoko Tabuchi and Cameron Mewburn.


Buy or borrow the score from SOUNZ.

Song without words for Kai — SOUNZ

Sunrise Pieces

Piano, Teaching works

3 pieces for beginning pianists

These short pieces were written specifically for Sunrise, an album of works for young pianists. They were first performed by Mary Barber on 30 March 2008.

About the music

The 3 pieces are called:

  • What’s the taniwha’s story
  • Sad song on a rainy day,  and
  • Pukeko.

They can be played separately or as a group.

Score and recording

All 3 pieces were published in 2008 by the Sunrise Music Trust in Sunrise — music from New Zealand for young pianists. Mary Barber recorded the pieces for a CD that accompanies the book.

Sunrise — publication

Voices of Tane

Piano, Teaching works

7 short pieces for piano

About the work

Voices of Tane was written for my godson, Kit Boyes. It was the first piece I wrote on my return to New Zealand after 9 years in Europe and was written with intermediate performers in mind.

Tane is the Māori god of forests, and the trees, plants, birds and other creatures who live there.

There is little to say about the pieces themselves except that the last repeats the first, the third has to do with birdsong, the fifth with wind, and the sixth consists of 9 ideas that the pianist plays in whatever sequence she or he wishes.

Ken Young recorded a short talk about this work for RNZ Concert.

Voices of Tane — introduction

Scores and recordings

Voices of Tane was published by Price Milburn Music in 1977.

Voices of Tane — publication

RNZ Concert recorded Voices of Tane in 1986.

Voices of Tane — audio