2020 Music

Douglas Lilburn, travelling on the Limited, regards the mountains in the moonlight

Chamber ensemble (2-7 players), Works with taonga pūoro

For viol quintet and taonga pūoro

Douglas Lilburn, travelling on the Limited was written for Palliser Viols – Reidun Turner, Sophia Acheson, Karen French and Imogen Granwal, led by Robert Oliver – for a tour which was cancelled because of Covid-19. The first performance was given at Futuna Chapel in Wellington on 18 February 2023 with taonga pūoro player, Mahina Kingi-Kaui.

Palliser Viols

About the work

This work was written to be performed in railway towns in the central North Island. It was seeing the mountains from the Limited that made Douglas Lilburn declare that the music reflecting this country was very different from that of Europe.


Douglas Lilburn, travelling on the Limited  is scored for 2 treble viols, 2 tenor viols, bass viol and taonga pūoru.


Contact me if you’re interested in the score.



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